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Friends of St. Jude

After being participants of The Ride, a St. Jude fundraiser held by our friend, EJ Fox, Teresa and Mike founded Friends of St. Jude and started The Annual St. Jude Dice Run.

We called St. Jude to find out how we could help support them because we have a passion for the cause. We believe in those people, those parents and family members, fighting for their kids and grandkids. We've spent 6 years of bringing in money and each year our donations rise to larger and larger amounts. We are more fired up and determined with each year that passes, until there is a CURE.

St. Jude helps treat so many people, and we are here to help support their mission ❤️


Teresa Stuber and Mike Moore

(Teresa) President (Mike) Vice President


Pam Miller



Brian and Mary Kay Satterfield

Volunteer Committee

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Dawn White

Entertainment Committee

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Manual Lane

Committee Member

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Bo and Tracy Weaver

Committee Members

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Patty Daniels

Committee Member

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Donna & Kevin Legacy

Committee Members

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Dave Davis

Committee Member


Nolan "Animal" Miller

Late Honorary Member

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Jimmy Bussink

Late Honorary Member